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Joining the JS108 broadcast, September 2014 is "Footprints" - An Inspirational journey in the key of jazz. Footprints, hosted by KJ Carson, promises to bring a little inspiration and sunshine to your day. Stay tuned for air times and more.



Artist Spotlight - Ragan Whiteside

Quantum Drive - Ragan Whiteside
As the third CD from Ragan, Quantum Drive proves to be the quintessential contemporary jazz piece from this flautist who has what it takes to let her music "do what it do." Scheduled for release in July, 2014, this is going to be a chart topper and one that everybody will be talking about. A "must have in the iPod" CD.

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JS108Atlanta's Restaurant Pick:
Six Feet Under

You'll love our eye-opening dishes from the South- and the deep South - all served by happy, warm-hearted souls. And, of course, plenty of spirits to go around!

685 11th Street
Atlanta, GA 30318
Tel: 404-810-0040

Jazz Notes

imageJ-Town Beat - Hiroshima
Opening with “RED BUDDHA,” an exotic romp through Japanese Obon festivals,
electronic drums and pop, it’s filled with celebration and fun. “LOST IN
PROVENCE” is a catchy ‘road trip’ samba with a story all its own. “STATE OF MIND” is a sophisticated turn recalling the fusion of jazz and R&B
. “DA KITCHEN” is funk and soul with a Hiroshima spin, and “LADY OF MYSTERY”-- June, of course-- is pure exotica. “KIMOCHI” (feeling) is a haunting, sensual mood piece and
“MEIJI MAMBO” is a funky, tongue-in-cheek rocker with a wild ending. DAYS GONE BY is a moving vocal ballad composed and sung by Terry Steele, of ‘Here and Now’ fame. “AFTERNOON KOTO” is June weaving her koto magic in a beautiful tone
poem. “CRUISIN J-TOWN” not only relates to the CD title, but is a ‘cooking’ latinrock re-make of a song from Hiroshima’s 2nd record, Obon. Finally, the powerfully emotional, “TO SAY GOODBYE,” is a beautiful treatise destined to become a Hiroshima ‘classic.
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