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Interested in reaching consumers worldwide with your advertising message? Our listeners include a diverse mix of consumers not only located in the Atlanta area, but worldwide. If you are ready to invite them into your event, business, etc., we're here to help!

The JS108 jazz listener demographic is known as one of the most "desirable" and sought-after by many major advertisers because they (other than classical music listeners) represent a group of listeners with one of the highest amount of discretionary incomes (and we mean not only CAN they spend, but they DO). Affluent adults ages 30-54 years old (44 is the median age) earning $150,000-$400,000 per year, college-educated, professionals, enjoy imported beer and fine wine, travel extensively, dine out in fine restaurants above the average weekly norm, drive a luxury import (like a BMW, Mercedes-Benz), actually still READ BOOKS, and more importantly -- are usually one of the most MEDIA POOR on many subgroups.   Meaning, they are not as driven on Facebook and Twitter, and they usually aren't a huge crowd for downloading music (these are still listeners that buy CD's if you can believe it).  They are very selective in what outside media they want and choose to participate in. And interesting enough -- if there is a local radio station they embrace that does the format RIGHT, chances are their media usage is either dedicated mainly that radio station in that market OR their own CDs (they are not button pushers and scanners on FM). You either lose them to their own CD collection and not to one of 8-10 country or rock stations being duplicated in the same market.   Keep in mind this is niche audience and is much smaller of a "universe" than many major "Big Box Broadcasters" care to target these days, but which would a local advertiser have? 1000 listeners in the store with little or no money and buying power to purchase their product as result of an advertising campaign, or 100 who are ready to spend right now (given the right message and the right call to action).   No...Smooth jazz is not going to win any ratings war in any market.  But who cares?   It appeals to a segment of the Baby Boom audience WITH MONEY and the ability to still spend it.   Even in this economy, the listeners with money are still out there, just more conscientiousness of how open they spend it.   And many to most markets, this demo is the most underserved, forgotten and eventually disenchanted group of listeners out there.


JS108Atlanta.com is the Internet's premiere jazz radio station. With advertising reaching near-saturation levels and consumer eyeballs shifting away from traditional ads, JS108Atlanta.com helps its customers to stand out from the crowd by providing unique exposure.

Marketing to our listeners' gives your advertising campaign a positive brand connotation.

We offer many different product/service placement options and combinations to suite your specific advertising needs which include:

  • Website advertising on the JS108atlanta website with a link to your website
  • Audio commercials in the broadcast
  • Video commercials in the broadcast (JS108Atlanta utilizes cutting edge HD technology which enables our listeners to not only be able to listen to commercials about your products, they can also view an actual HD quality television commercial (supplied by your company))
  • Event publicity. JS108Atlanta attends various events during the year with crowd expectations in the thousands. Advertising with JS108Atlanta puts your company in front of potentially thousands of potential customers for your product and/or service.
  • Eblast marketing to our opted-in database of dedicated jazz listeners. We push the edge of technology connecting all the dots of social marketing (text, voice texts, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Through eblast marketing, you can customize your message specific to what your current specials, promotions, etc. may be.

Our sales team features knowledgeable, highly-trained marketing professionals that care about one thing ... your business' success. Whether it's using well-produced commercial announcements on-air, website advertising, event marketing and sponsorships, on-air promotions, or more, we're dedicated to helping you make the most of your marketing dollar to get the results you need.

JS108Atlanta.com.com’s audience profile is typically the following:

LISTENING ENVIRONMENT: 88% Office / 32% Home
DEMOGRAPHICS: 51% Male / 49% Female
AGE RANGE:  60% Age 35+
EDUCATION: 73% College Graduates
ANNUAL INCOME: 88% Earn $75,000+ per year
OWNERSHIP: 78% Homeowners

Past events JS108Atlanta has partnered with include:

Seabreeze Jazz Festival
Panama City FL

Nashville Jazz, Blues, & Heritage Festival
Nashville TN

Colorado Jazz & Rhythm & Blues Festival
Colorado Springs CO

Atlanta Jazz Festival
Atlanta GA

JFly Music Festival
Waycross GA

Preserve Jazz Festival
Hoover (Birmingham) AL

Summer Nights Jazz Festival
Atlanta GA

Java Jazz Festival
Jakarta Indonesia

Uptown Charlotte Jazz Fest
Charlotte NC

Low Country Jazz Festival
Charleston SC

Grown & Saxxy Show
Mableton (Atlanta) GA

Friday Jazz at High Museum
Atlanta GA

Labor Day Music Festival
Atlanta GA

The Mable House "House Party"
Atlanta GA

Wellington Jazz Fest
West Palm Beach FL


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