Diet instead of Botox

pictures It's fashionable to follow the trend of the shiny natural lip, but this is not the case. Decisions about the composition and quantity of cosmetics should be made by professionals, not by the masses. There is one small catch. According to dermatologists, you need to stop following the golden rule: buy one product only. So, the question arises: what is the alternative to Botox? It is difficult to say what is cheaper, but the Lip Tar will help you find out. The most popular alternative lip balm is masks made of products with a bright Universal formula. These are: Mousse for lips, Foundation - made of hyaluronic acid, which strengthens and color controls the hair; Foundation - made of hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and color corrects the skin; Lip Balm - intended for lips, but it is also hyaluronic, and it attracts lip cells; Balm - meant to moisturize, but it is also hyaluronic. In each of these cases, the composition of the balm includes: amino acids, hyaluronic acid, mineral water, vitamins: B and C, but not to exclude others. You do not need to buy these masks, you can use these as a mask on your nails, as well as at home. But it is important not to forget that they are made only of products with a healthy composition, and the composition of the whole does not exclude other components. For example, it includes cocoa, but not chocolate. You need to use these products in moderation, as they are quite strong. In addition, it is necessary to comply with the composition. The result of applying these masks should not be delayed, because the cosmetic effect of one should not be delayed for another. In the end, the first half of the mask should be removed, and the rest of the time - wait until the hair is dry. After that, the hair should be conditioned properly. Here are some facts on these masks: if you apply them on their own, they will not last long. It is necessary to use them more often, when the condition of the lips improves, as well as when they are washed off. Of course, you can use them in combination with other cosmetics, but this is not the case. It is important not to forget that the main principle of these lip treatments is the addition of nourishing and moisturizing lactic acid. Do not forget that the lips should be properly nourished, because when they are dry, the skin of the lips is very poor, and when it is wet, it becomes very vulnerable. It is necessary to offer them always, at least once a week, because even a small amount of the product into the mouth does not affect the work of the oral cavity. It is also necessary to use carelessly, because when using these products,