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Management Staff

The JS108 executive team includes:
Andrea M. Moore - CEO & General Manager
Anita Williams - VP Promotions & Marketing
Eileen Heatherton - Project Manager
Kimberly Carson - "IJ", Spokesperson
Louis Stukes - "IJ"


Listening Environment 88% Office / 32% Other
Demographics 51% Male / 49% Female
Age Range 60% 34 - 54
Education 73% College Graduates
Annual Income 88% $75,000+
Ownership 78% Homeowners

JS108Atlanta the Company


JS108Atlanta Global Jazz Radio is an Internet Jazz Radio station headquartered in Atlanta GA.  Atlanta is rich in the various musical genres.  Over the last few years, Atlanta’s musical reputation stems from the vast Hip-Hop musicians who call Atlanta their home.  But Hip-Hop is not the only genre of music that represents Atlanta.  Jazz music in Atlanta, because of Atlanta’s rich artistic and diversified culture, has always had a strong presence through the course of jazz music’s existence.  Because of that presence and culture, Atlanta is home to many musically gifted jazz artists such as Earl Klugh, Joey Sommerville, and Mike Phillips to name a few.  Many of these artists extraordinaire in their artistry, are rarely represented on conventional (terrestrial radio).  Yet they should be because these artists, as well as jazz artists as a whole, represent the heart and soul of the jazz culture in Atlanta.  Enter JS108Atlanta.com’s “call to arms” and the reason for our existence and birth.